artist's statement


For me painting is the joy of being in the flow with my soul. It provides growth, to express, to experience, to engage,  to make meaning and to achieve understanding for new possibilities.


In this group of paintings, I’m exploring color, texture and mix media elements, evoking personal associations of life experiences, feelings, places, and objects.


Most often, I’m creating several paintings simultaneously. This allows for the production of additional paintings during stages of drying or gestation. Some of these paintings are composed from a fascination with patterns, indicating threads of energy from earth to sun.  Because I paint in abstract form, the subject is shown by it’s essence, through feeling and gesture. Symbolized in a composition of elements and witnessed as spirit into matter.


I’m particularly fond of botanicals as a source of subject and inspiration.  Each painting begins by selecting and mixing a color palette of four to five different colors, and then altered along the way as needed. In the following steps, I proceed by developing the composition with a desired  arrangement and surface texture. By using an additive of mix media to the pigment I can determine the texture and the viscosity for the application of pigment. Applying the pigment is done with a variety of tools like different size brushes or palette knife’s or anything handy.

©2017 Lynda Silva Abstract Paintings